The Life of Me

A True-ish Story

Mr. Mountre
7 September 1976
The Count of Mountre Cristo

Current Projects:

  • Paradox, Then (a novel)
  • molar_m, my music
  • An orchestra consisting entirely of unique world instruments
  • The Crystal Path
  • Wiki Project
  • Resonation Media (a business)

Journal Mission Statement

This is the Somewhat Complete and True Story of My Life and the Times that I have lived in. Events have been reconstructed from various interviews and journals, along with my opinion and rememberances of popular events as they occur within my memory. I start at the beginning, and work my way to the present day. When no events are found or possible, I will try to put in relevant 'artifacts' of that time period in order to color the past. However, most everything from 1991 onward has been recorded in a series of notebooks, journals, etc. In other words, this is a somewhat complete journal of my life. When other people are mentioned, and they have an lj or other online journal, I will try to link that to them from here. Unlike my other journals, this will attempt to attain a somewhat accurate personal history of my life.

From late 2006 on, I have tried to write a complete journal entry every day. I have tried to make this journal as complete and accurate as possible, adding as many details as possible at times. So there might be a lot of "tl;dr" going on if you friend this journal. If you search the archives or the tags, you can find all kinds of information.

Project Guidelines (est. 7/28/06)