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Adventures in the Magic Kingdom (NES)

I don't remember playing this game very well. I would have had to have rented it from the video store in Priceville, or perhaps even from the video store in Hartselle, though it seems more likely I might have rented it from somewhere in Merrillville.

I remember at least the Pirates of the Caribbean level and the Haunted Mansion level. But it was no substitute for actually going to Disney World.


New Mutants #46

I believe that like New Mutants #45, I bought this at the Turkey Creek Pharmacy on Broadway in Merrillville, IN. The story features the X-Men after they've had a battle with some other mutant hunters in their own comic. It's sort of a tie-in with the "Mutant Massacre" that was going on...

I'm not sure what Magik was doing in this issue of the New Mutants. Probably finding out that things were getting worse in Limbo, when she goes to get Moira, in the dimension that she teleports to. I know that become a major focus of the upcoming issues.

I know that the Morlocks are in this issue, as well as Storm's rival, Callisto. I think this is what introduced me to those particular characters in the X-Men universe. Early on, you betcha!

The name of the story, I believe, is "Bloody Sunday". I don't know if that's named after the U2 song Sunday Bloody Sunday or what... it could be, since that song came out in March of 1983.

I know that Warlock's father, Magus, shows up and tries to eat them at the end of the issue, but Illyana teleports them away...


Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

Of this disaster, I remember that it was a big deal, because I was at school (at the time, I went to Fieler) that day, and I believe that they had a television in the library so they could watch the launch, since Christa McAullife was supposed to be the first teacher in space. I don't think school let out early that day, but I do remember that the flag was at half-mast for a while. I recall being sent to the library for some reason, I don't recall. But I know that once I was there in the library of the school, that there was some talk about the shuttle accident.

Once I got home, of course, I got to see the whole thing over and over again on network TV, or CNN, I believe. Did this traumatize me, one has to wonder? Or did it just intrigue me, to some degree? I am not exactly sure. Of course, this happened on my friend, Bobby Puza's, birthday, so I can neither forget this date, January 28, 1986, nor his birthday.

Of course, I'm sure not long after this came the horrible joke:

Q What does NASA stand for?
A Need Another Seven Astronauts.